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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 72: Amita Parikh (The Circus Train)

Charlie and Amita Parikh (The Circus Train) discuss how Amita’s dancing and performing experiences influenced her work, her controversial decision to have her wheelchair-using heroine learn to walk, and the Theresienstadt Ghetto (concentration camp) where prisoners led a fairly cultured life.

‘Ten Fun Facts About The Circus Train’ on Amita’s website
The Night Ferry
Elizabeth Kenny
The Theresienstadt Ghetto
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Release details: recorded 26th January 2023; published 27th February 2023

Where to find Amita online: Website

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01:20 The inspiration behind the characters and the theme of illusion
04:29 The circus itself and Amita’s dancing experience
07:01 Real travelling circuses of the time
08:53 Getting the balance between magic and reality
09:22 The original drafts
11:47 Back to the train aspect
13:37 The decision to have Lena learning to walk and the historical medical context for it
18:35 The Theresienstadt Ghetto
22:20 Horace!
26:31 About another book Amita has written (not published), her reaction to getting an agent, and her upcoming second book

Photograph credit: Helen Tansey


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