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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 71: Emma Cowell

Charlie and Emma Cowell (One Last Letter From Greece) discuss grief, miscarriage and expectations surrounding it, and, in keeping with her book’s title, Greece and its culture.


Release details: recorded 20th November 2022; published 13th February 2023

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Discussions and Readings

01:30 First reading
03:56 Emma’s mum
07:49 The how, when, and so forth of Emma writing One Last Letter From Greece
11:42 Emma’s inclusion of Greece in the book
14:44 Second reading
18:09 All about Sophie
24:38 Discussion of friendship, miscarriage and fertility
31:32 Theo!
33:25 Emma’s angling experience and its influence
35:04 Art and the art world
39:00 The paranormal elements
42:27 Lindsay and Grigor what ifs
49:36 Emma’s next book, The House In The Olive Grove

Photograph used with the permission of the author.


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