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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 68: Kate Glanville (The Peacock House)

Charlie and Kate Glanville (The Peacock House) discuss her main character who is 90 years old, and villains who aren’t so villainous after all. Kate also discusses the way her dyslexia has effected her reading, and some of her thoughts on education in this vein in the context of her younger character.

Please note that there are spoilers throughout the episode.

Kate’s ceramics
Newton House
St David’s College
Llandudno and Conway

Release details: recorded 8th September 2022; published 12th September 2022

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:33 How did you first know when you wanted to write?
03:17 [Reading]
07:41 Can you tell us where the story comes from and your inspiration?
16:17 In terms of Evelyn’s romance were there any wartime inspirations?
17:52 Why didn’t you include Evelyn and Jack’s reunion in the book?
20:34 Kind of on this, is a more pleasant cast of characters what you prefer to go for?
23:18 Tell us about the future for Tilly, Bethan, and Tom
25:20 What’s next?
27:53 Tell us more about your ceramics business
29:02 [Kate talks about audiobooks and how they’ve helped her read]

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