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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 66: Sally Page (The Keeper Of Stories)

Charlie and Sally Page (The Keeper Of Stories) discuss story collection, the forgotten mistress of the abdicated Edward VIII, and dogs who swear something chronic!

Please note that there are some spoilers throughout the episode.

Please also note that there is a mild swear word in this episode.

Sally’s website (with info about floristry, flower books, and her painting)
Libby Page
Olivia Coleman’s Oscar win and speech
Marguerite Alibert
Wendy Holden’s The Duchess
Sally’s fountain pens, Plooms

(I was incorrect – there *is* a mention of Marguerite on Edward VIII’s Wikipedia page.)

Release details: recorded 14th July 2022; published 8th August 2022

Sally’s social media: Website || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram

You can contact the show at

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:03 Tell us about your flower shop
03:15 On this then, would you say you yourself are a keeper of stories?
04:27 You’re a painter – tell us all about it
06:45 [Reading]
09:00 You never give the name of the National Treasure – is there a reason for this and what is their purpose?
10:20 Janice – can you talk about her creation and any inspirations?
12:33 In terms of this subject, were the other characters more function or important in themselves?
14:21 And Mrs B – her creation, etc…?
15:29 You use the Arabian Nights – can you talk about using this, the reasons, etc?
16:57 Janice never asks what the real name of ‘Becky’ was. Does this help her progression as a character?
18:58 You’ve mentioned it twice now so I have to ask – what’s your favourite period of history to study?
19:43 How did you come to know and use the story of Margherite and what was it about it that interested you?
23:43 [Talking Decius]
27:02 Fiona and Adam – how important was their story to the overall narrative?
28:13 What’s next?
29:22 What is it about needing happy endings?
30:19 Tell us about the fountain pens you sell, Plooms?
31:38 [Sally talks about her readers’ responses]

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