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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 56: Imogen Clark (Impossible To Forget)

Charlie and Imogen Clark (Impossible To Forget) discuss her latest novel – a pre-release bestseller, creating the story as she goes and publishing what is her first draft, and beginning her career as a novelist in her 50s.

Please note that there is a very mild swear word in this episode.

Release details: recorded 2nd February 2022; published 14th March 2022

Imogen’s social media: Website || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:42 Your first book was published when you were in your 50s. How was that?
01:47 You publish what is basically your first draft?
02:49 It seems to me that you often write about secrets. What is it about secrets that gets to you?
04:37 [Reading]
08:01 How important was the plot compared to the characters?
09:09 Hope and her storyline was in your mind from the beginning?…
11:18 Can you tell us about Angie?
13:48 How much of you is in this book?
15:30 The narrative’s told by different characters in batches, why this style of narrative?
17:32 Was Leon’s exclusion as a narrative voice due to his choices in life?
19:02 (Spoiler question) Did Maggie and Leon getting together come to you as you were writing?
20:25 Was it important that Romany was a narrator?
21:29 Where would Romany be without the friends?
23:18 (Spoiler question) Has Tiger found himself at last by the end of the book?
25:21 How early did you want people to ‘get’ the twist with Hope?
28:09 Can you tell us about your next book, An Unwanted Inheritance?
31:02 (About the numbers of ideas and their possibilities)
33:04 Is there a possibility for more sequels of your books to be written?

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