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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 55: Patrick Gale (Take Nothing With You; Mother’s Boy)

Charlie and Patrick Gale (Take Nothing With You; Mother’s Boy) discuss musicality – his own and his character’s, setting a childhood in a care home, the beloved Cornish poet Charles Causley, and a future stage production of Take Nothing With You.

North Cornwall Book Festival
The Penzance Orchestral Society
Steven Isserlis’ tribute to Jane Cowan (cello teacher)
Charles Causley
The Charles Causley Trust

Work on the stage production of Take Nothing With You begins this year for performance in 2023.

Release details: recorded 1st December 2021; published 28th February 2022

Patrick’s social media: Website || Twitter || Instagram

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:40 You’re talking from today from your writing room – can you tell us about it?
02:43 Tell us about your farm and how your writing fits in with the routine
04:41 The use of music in Take Nothing With You is inspired by your own passion for the cello?
07:50 Would you say that Eustace is living his best life (without the cello)?
09:26 You’ve had a cello made?
10:29 What’s your favourite piece of music to play?
11:01 Were Eustace’s teachers and the cello school based on anyone, any thing?
14:43 Why did you leave a gap between Eustace’s childhood and later adulthood?
17:16 The religion is both a big slice of the book and, in literal, word, terms, not so big. Why did you incorporate it in this way?
19:56 Is there any literary significance to Naomi?
21:58 Why did you set Eustace’s childhood in a care home?
23:54 Eustace’s state school – what was the significance of using this part of the working class?
27:52 What happened to Vernon?
29:36 [Reading]
34:22 Mother’s Boy is about the poet, Charles Causley?…
36:58 You are a patron of the Charles Causley Trust?
39:31 (The upcoming theatre production of Take Nothing With You)

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Photograph used with the permission of the author. Credit: Jillian Edelstein.


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