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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 53: Sara Nisha Adams (The Reading List)

Charlie and Sara Nisha Adams (The Reading List) discuss books! The ways they can bring very different people together, the importance of libraries in Sara’s life and their impact as a community hub, and her family in the context of her work.

Hodder Studio
Barham Community Library

Release details: recorded 6th January 2022; published 24th January 2022

Sara’s social media: Twitter || Instagram

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:48 You’ve worked at a few different publishers – can you tell us about your job?
12:34 This book has a lot of you and your grandfather in it?
14:15 Where’s Aleisha ‘from’?
16:11 You’ve spoken about your maternal grandfather, can you tell us about your paternal grandmother, how she influenced you?
18:51 The list of books Mukesh and Aleisha read – why these books?
21:45 Was The Time Traveller’s Wife initially included in a similar way to the other books?
23:25 We learn at the end who wrote the book list. How important was their identity, and revealing it, to you?
25:19 Why the chapters focused on other people?
27:48 What led you to include the narrative device of the answerphone messages?
30:07 The way the write about Aiden, the hint to the reader about what might be going on – what was important about his role in the book for you?
31:58 Was it important to you to stay away from discussing what Leilah suffers from?
33:35 Your fictional Harrow Road Library and the hopes of saving it – is this based on a real library?
36:35 What’s the next book Mukesh and Aleisha would be reading (after the end)?
37:54 You’ve included your own reading list at the end; tell us about your most favourite books
41:00 Your dad wanted to wait until your book was published to read it. Has he read it?
42:01 To sum up, what is the most important thing(s) about reading, to you?
43:29 What’s next?

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Photograph used with the permission of the agent. Credit: Will Handysides.


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