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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 41: Rosanna Ley

Charlie and Rosanna Ley (The Orange Grove) discuss whether one of her main characters, Ella, made the right decision with the situational contexts at hand, the viability of a shop focused on orange-related products and set up in Dorset, the Seville producers of those products, and the secrets of the flour-free cake that starts the whole thing off.

Gospa Citrus Organic Orange Farm
Bridport, Dorset
The cake
Rosanna’s writing retreats

Release details: recorded 25th June 2021; published 12th July 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

07:24 Would it be right to say that the Flamenco is an important aspect further than as itself, symbolically?
09:01 Was there a starting point for Ella’s story?
10:44 Tell us about your research
13:05 Would Holly’s shop be a viable business?
14:46 Where did you come across the cake?
16:58 Had you set out to include Felix’s narrative from the first?
19:18 (Spoiler question) Had you considered having the 1988 Ella staying on in Seville?
21:55 Will Ella and Ingrid’s relationship continue to get better?
22:55 What’s next?
25:36 Tell us about your writing retreats

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