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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 41: Rosanna Ley (The Orange Grove)

Charlie and Rosanna Ley (The Orange Grove) discuss whether one of her main characters, Ella, made the right decision with the situational contexts at hand, the viability of a shop focused on orange-related products and set up in Dorset, the Seville producers of those products, and the secrets of the flour-free cake that starts the whole thing off.

Gospa Citrus Organic Orange Farm
Bridport, Dorset
The cake
Rosanna’s writing retreats

Release details: recorded 25th June 2021; published 12th July 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

07:24 Would it be right to say that the Flamenco is an important aspect further than as itself, symbolically?
09:01 Was there a starting point for Ella’s story?
10:44 Tell us about your research
13:05 Would Holly’s shop be a viable business?
14:46 Where did you come across the cake?
16:58 Had you set out to include Felix’s narrative from the first?
19:18 (Spoiler question) Had you considered having the 1988 Ella staying on in Seville?
21:55 Will Ella and Ingrid’s relationship continue to get better?
22:55 What’s next?
25:36 Tell us about your writing retreats

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