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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 40: Zen Cho (Black Water Sister)

Charlie and Zen Cho (Black Water Sister) discuss traditional Chinese beliefs, smashing up shrines, and Jane Austen.

Jean DeBernardi’s The Way That Lives In The Heart
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Release details: recorded 11th June 2021; published 28th June 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

08:13 Was the book always going to be comedic?
08:29 Why did you choose to make Jess American?
10:21 Can you tell us about your research in terms of what inspired Black Water Sister herself?
13:02 Are there any gods in the book that are true to the folklore and religion?
16:08 Did you ever consider extending the fantastical aspect?
17:53 You have the smashing up of a shrine – was that difficult to include?
18:31 How much are the characters, other than Jess, Ah Ma, and Black Water Sister, a device to keep Jess’ development going?
19:31 You start and end the book on Jess’ sexuality – why was it important to do that?
22:27 How much are Jess, Ah Ma, and the Black Water Sister the same person?
24:36 Was it always the plan to have Manglish phrasing without translations?
26:06 Favourite Jane Austen novel?
26:40 Did you ever consider having Sharanya there in person?
28:02 Is Shering’s life going to be more above board going forward?

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