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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 39: Christina Courtenay

Charlie and Christina Courtenay (Echoes Of The Runes; The Runes Of Destiny) discuss what the Vikings were really like, time travellers’ historical partners travelling back with them, and predictability and coincidence as plot devices.

Jorvick Viking Festival, York

Release details: recorded 28th May 2021; published 14th June 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:35 You’ve been published for a long time; tell us about your past work
04:52 You say in Echoes of the Runes that the Vikings aren’t quite as we think they are. Can you expand on this for us?
06:33 What research did you do for the books?
08:40 You explore disability, with the main character finding a way to communicate with Jorun. Why was this important to explore?
10:27 Did you ever have any issues with getting Haakon how you wanted him to be?
11:52 The noted predictability and coincidences between time periods – was this something you always planned to use?
13:30 What was behind the decision to have Destiny of the Runes take us to another country?
15:14 Linnea takes a good number of pages to accept she’s travelled in time – what lead to this decision?
16:22 Were you always going to have the time travel in the reverse?
22:23 Linnea’s possible experience or possible virginity in the context of the history – had you considered a different story here?
24:09 The forthcoming Whispers of the Runes and Tempted by the Runes – tell us about them

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