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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 35: Liz Fenwick (The Path To The Sea)

Charlie and Liz Fenwick (The Path To The Sea) discuss the success of spies in the Cold War who were – on the face of it – ‘just’ housewives, bringing new characters to more prominence and bringing past characters back from other books, and the age-old question of cream or jam first.

Cape Cod
Porthpean House
About Time
Godolphin House
The SOE (Special Operations Executive)
Exercise Tiger
Hotel Endsleigh

Release details: recorded 3rd April 2021; published 12th April 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:38 You’re originally from Massachusetts and settled in Cornwall. Why Cornwall?
01:51 Do you like Cornish pasties?
02:07 You first looked into publishing when you were in your early 20s?…
09:20 Boskenna is based on a real house?…
11:47 The past and present dates you look at are the same dates?
12:59 When you were planning it, did you have to keep up with events and how they were weaving into each other?
14:09 Was Diana frustrating to write?
15:07 Why first-person for Joan (compared to third-person for Lottie and Diana)?
16:12 Joan is a spy in the Cold War – were you inspired by any real life women spies of that era?
17:42 Where did Joan’s hostess book come from?
24:06 Were there many people who kept Cold War secrets for life or for so long?
25:37 Why did you create a similarity between what happened to Allan and what happened to John?
26:15 What was the significance of Alex and Paul?
28:37 Why did you start the book with Lottie and Alex?
30:06 Is there a character that is the most important to you?
33:42 What happened to Salome?
34:35 Tell us more about The River Between Us
37:27 Scones – cream or jam first?

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