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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 30: Katy Yocom (Three Ways To Disappear)

Charlie and Katy Yocom (Three Ways To Disappear) discuss tiger conservation in India and balancing numbers alongside human requirements for life, the importance of being diligent when writing about a culture that is not your own, and what the three ways to disappear are.

Katy’s articles and essays:
‘A Search for the Elusive Tigers in India Leads to a Novel’ for Newsweek
‘Muhammad Ali, my father and me’ for Salon
‘The Compelling Tales We Tell of Fictional Tigers’ for LitHub

Wikipedia’s article on Born Free
Wildlife Trails’ website
Birds of the Indian Subcontinent is a 1998 reference guide written by Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp, and Tim Inskipp

Release details: recorded 21st January 2021; published 25th January 2021

Katy’s social media: Website || Twitter

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:51 You graduated from Spalding University and now work there – can you tell us what you do?
02:17 Tell us about your other publications (essays in magazines and so forth)
09:01 Tell us about the starting point for Three Ways To Disappear
12:59 (Further discussion on the possibility of telling the story without Quinn’s narrative)
13:40 [In the context of what we’re discussing] is this where the mythical aspects of the book come in?
15:46 Can you tell us about your research trip?
21:26 How well is the place you visited doing in terms of numbers of tigers?
29:02 What are the three ways to disappear?
30:52 I found Sarah’s romance to be unexpected; was it always important to include?
34:11 What affect do you want your book to leave on readers once they’ve finished it?

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