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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 27: Tammye Huf (A More Perfect Union)

Charlie and Tammye Huf (A More Perfect Union) discuss her great-great-grandparents’ relationship as an 1840s Irishman and a Black American slave, the way owners used Christianity to support their views of a racial hierarchy, and the lengths reached in order to label people by skin colour.

Tammye’s Radio 2 interview
Library of Congress audio interviews with freed people

Release details: recorded 3rd November 2020; published 23rd November 2020

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:02 (Discussing Tammye’s recent interview on Radio 2)
02:04 Tell us about your great-great-grandparents
03:28 What made you want to tell this story, to start with your grandparents and take it further?
08:22 How important was balancing the romance with the history?
09:23 Any there are specific primary sources you used that you can highlight?
11:56 Do you feel closer to your grandparents now?
12:48 How did you go about creating Sarah?
17:52 Who is Maple; why did you include her in the story?
20:49 Did you always plan to have this ‘nicer’ owner?
23:32 Were there many people who were offered their freedom, didn’t take it for family reasons and so forth, and were then used as a puppet?
26:35 To me Henry comes across as quite careless sometimes – did you ever consider a different bearing for him?
30:13 Could you tell us about the Potato Famine era ‘tumbling’?
32:03 Do you think Red ever found his freedom?
32:54 What’s next?

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