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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 25: Intisar Khanani (Thorn; Sunbolt; Memories Of Ash)

Charlie and Intisar Khanani (Thorn; Sunbolt; Memories Of Ash) discuss working to better the health of people in Cincinnati, rewriting and exploring the Goose Girl fairy tale to stunning effect, bonkers jail-breaking heroines, and men who take a far more subtle approach than riding in on horses to save the day.

Wikipedia’s article on The Goose Girl
Wikipedia’s article on Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword
Please note that some copies of Thorn do not feature The Bone Knife

Release details: recorded 12th October 2020; published 26th October 2020

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:44 Before you were a writer, you worked for the Cincinnati Health Department. May I ask what your work involved?
02:19 Did your work at the health department influence how you write?
03:54 You’re a hybrid author – where does one meet the other?
13:46 Why The Goose Girl?
16:34 Was keeping some of the poignant aspects of The Goose Girl a difficult decision?
20:37 What was behind the study of truth and honour?
24:06 Could you expand on the hows and whys of incorporating the trauma in the book?
27:57 How did you use magic to further this plot?
29:46 Can we talk about the role of the men?…
33:13 Do you see yourself writing another adaptation in future?
34:02 Tell us about the world of The Sunbolt Chronicles, how you came to create it, were there any inspirations?
38:27 Where does Hitomi’s personality come from?
49:50 Where does Val fit into the story?
52:03 How many Chronicles are we looking at?
52:23 What was the book you mentioned at the start of our Sunbolt conversation, the one fantasy book you’d read back in the day, that was diverse?
53:37 What is behind your use of religion as it is in Thorn and The Sunbolt Chronicles?
55:59 Tell us about The Theft Of Sunlight

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