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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 24: Joanna Hickson

Please note that the question about the fear of pregnancy and childbirth includes a couple of mentions of a weasel’s particulars.

Charlie and Joanna Hickson (First Of The Tudors; The Tudor Crown; The Lady Of The Ravens) discuss the royal and noble individuals of the War of the Roses, the women who made an impact, the ever-present question of who killed the princes in the tower, and, on another topic entirely, using weasels to prevent conception.

John Constable
Orford Castle
Recent photograph of Joanna at Orford
Wikipedia’s article on Jackanory (Joanna’s episodes were 2422-2426)
Pembroke Castle
Carmarthen Castle
Wikipedia’s article on Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time
James Butler (the ‘fleeing’ Earl of Wiltshire)
The blog of The Ravenmaster, Chris Skaife
Wikipedia’s article on Joan Vaux
Frank Cadogan Cowper – ‘Erasmus and Thomas More Visit the Children of Henry VII’ (1910)
The GoodReads page for Alison Weir’s book on Elizabeth of York
Wikipedia’s article on the Trotula

Release details: recorded 30th September 2020; published 12th October 2020

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:51 You had a holiday recently?…
01:24 Tell us about your young adult novel
04:23 Why Jasper Tudor?
09:48 How did you go about creating Jane Hywel?
12:33 You are not a Ricardian…
14:11 Who do you think killed the princes in the Tower?
17:06 Is your interest in Henry VII woven into your thoughts of Richard III, or are they separate?
27:06 Do you think that Henry VII would have got to the throne without Margaret Beaufort’s input?
31:56 You seem to me to place a distinct emphasis on filling in the gaps where women are concerned…
36:38 Tell us about the inspiration for the ravens and how you came to make them a central part of the novel
39:15 Tell us more about Joan
42:20 Did you find any primary sources related to the fear of pregnancy and childbirth?
44:05 How did you come to fictionise Elizabeth of York?
45:21 What’s next?

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