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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 22: Midge Raymond (Forgetting English; My Last Continent)

Charlie and Midge Raymond (Forgetting English; My Last Continent) discuss the current situation in Antarctica and the balance of keeping it clean whilst allowing research and tourism, environmental and climate changes in the same location, and being followed to the toilet by a penguin.

Amongst other places, Midge’s fiction has appeared in TriQuarterly, American Literary Review, Bellevue Literary Review, the Los Angeles Times magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and Poets & Writers
Midge’s blog
Ashland Creek Press
The Siskiyou Prize
Information on John Yunker’s The Tourist Trail
Information on Three Ways To Disappear by Katy Yocom
The Center for Ecosystem Sentinels and their mailing list

Release details: recorded 21st August 2020; published 14th September 2020

Midge’s social media: Website || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:50 You have a background in publishing?
01:48 What genres did you work on?
02:54 Tell us about Ashland Creek Press
06:11 You have published a couple of books on writing?…
14:39 You have lots of locations and languages in Forgetting English: are you a big traveller?
16:26 What is it about travel and life choices that got to you in terms of your short stories?
18:08 Was there a particular reason for situating the last story at the end?
27:38 Have you been to Antarctica?
30:44 How do people balance visiting and research in Antarctica with the fact that it is causing damage?
33:05 The health and lives of penguins – are we looking at something we can change, going forwards?
34:55 How did the lifestyle of birds, penguins, influence the way you constructed Deb and Keller’s relationship?
38:07 Tell us about the roles of Kate and Richard in the book
39:51 Keller has experienced a lot of losses- where did he come from?
42:11 What’s next?
43:23 If you could, would you have a penguin as a pet?

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