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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 18: Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Please note: this episode includes discussion of sexual content, and the second reading includes a sex scene. There is some noise in this episode: headphones are recommended.

Charlie and Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (The Whispering Trees; Season of Crimson Blossoms) discuss Nigeria at this time, publishing a novel on a very controversial subject and reactions to it, effects of grief, and looking at cultural expectations of women as the generations change.

Dreams and Assorted Nightmares on the publisher’s page
The Daily Trust

Release details: recorded 28th June 2020; published 13th July 2020

Abubakar’s social media: Twitter

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:31 How are you all doing in Nigeria at the moment?
03:27 Tell us about your background
07:30 Tell us about your work at The Daily Trust
13:00 Do you prefer the first or third person?
15:00 Was Season Of Crimson Blossoms difficult to publish?
22:10 Was is going through Binta’s mind as she makes her decision?
23:29 Tell us about Reza’s situation in life
24:53 Tell us about the theme of grief
33:08 Was the contrast between Fa’iza and Binta, a young woman and an older woman, something you were looking at?
36:35 Tell us about Dreams And Assorted Nightmares

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Photograph used with permission from the author. Credit: Jill Jennings.


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