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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 14: Zoë Duncan (The Shifting Pools)

Charlie and Zoë Duncan (The Shifting Pools) discuss coping with and healing from war trauma in reality and fiction, the use and power of dreams, employing various styles and formats, and how fascinating reader interpretations can be.

Interview with Danuta Kean for Mslexia magazine
On Cornwall and Enanti
Article in The Times about Zoë’s life and work

Release details: recorded 5th May 2020; published 11th May 2020

Zoë’s social media: Twitter || Facebook || Website

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:46 How long have you been writing?
01:55 Favourite poet?
02:40 Tell us about your childhood (that relates to the book)
03:53 What was it like being in England?
08:32 Is there a reason for the lack of a name for the place Eve lives in?
09:41 How did you come to use Enanti as Eve’s coping method?
11:08 How do you see the ending, do you have an answer for it for yourself?
12:53 Was water always to be the healing element?
14:32 The style and structure – what was the purpose of it?
19:23 Was Time something you were thinking about when writing?
21:04 What did you learn about dreams in the context of the subconscious?
24:00 Was the idea of womanhood, sisters, siblings, a theme?
31:04 There is so much hope in the book…
31:48 What did you want readers to take away?
33:47 What is the impact of long-term trauma and grief if not dealt with?
36:07 Was the book cathartic for you?
37:40 What’s next?
39:56 (Given everything we’ve discussed) it must have been busy in your head whilst you were writing?

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Photograph used with permission from the author. Credit: Ashvin Mistry.


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