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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 09: Fran Cooper (These Dividing Walls; The Two Houses)

Charlie Place and Fran Cooper (These Dividing Walls; The Two Houses) discuss open mic nights, current and recent sociopolitical situations in Paris (and the world), the way we talk about women and motherhood, and the complexity of relationships.

Release details: recorded 19th February 2020; published 24th February 2020

Fran’s social media: Twitter || Facebook || Website

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:33 Did you have a good time in Italy?
00:47 Who was the most interesting to study in English Literature at Cambridge?
02:24 Are there any French classics you particularly enjoy?
03:38 Are you a city or a country person?
04:16 Have you or someone you know had experience of moving to an established community?
05:05 Do you speak French?
09:48 Was there a particular event that inspired These Dividing Walls?
11:36 Was this your first foray into writing in this manner?
12:54 Are there any buildings that are important to you in the sense of a residence?
14:09 Why Paris rather than England?
15:27 The terrorism in the book
17:54 Edward and Frederique – what was the significance for you of these characters coming together and experiencing their separate griefs?
20:28 Is discussing the issue of motherhood important to you?
23:13 Frederique and her husband – was there any inspiration for their living arrangement?
29:02 Was The Two Houses inspired by a scene in These Dividing Walls?
30:30 Working with foresight in the book
31:52 What is your particular interest in art?
33:03 Do you have a favourite artist?
33:54 The metaphors of broken things
35:00 Are you interested in ‘smaller stories’ in your own reading?
35:52 What’s most important to you when exploring issues of division in relationships?
37:47 What’s next?

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Photograph credit: Alex Mantei


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