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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 02: Orlando Ortega-Medina (Jerusalem Ablaze; The Death of Baseball)

Tune in as Charlie Place and Orlando Ortega-Medina (Jerusalem Ablaze; The Death of Baseball) discuss celebrity fictional reincarnation, writing short stories that don’t have messages, and working with ideas that could – if misinterpreted – look like something else.

Release details: recorded 22nd October 2019; published 11th November 2019

Orlando’s social media: Twitter || Facebook || Website

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:36 Tell us about your writing background
03:09 Where do you get your ideas?
04:16 What was behind the decision not to include messages in your short stories?
06:18 How much of the content of your stories are related to your experiences?
07:48 Is Japan a place you have a particular interest in?
12:29 Why Marilyn Monroe?
15:12 Discussing choices in regards to baseball
19:03 Is Jimmy Joe Di Maggio in a different form?
19:40 The abuse in the book – what were you using it for?
21:30 The use of the cat and the blocking out of its name
23:52 Were you worried about any misunderstandings happening in regards to gender, Clyde wanting to be Monroe?
26:34 Tell us about Raphael, particularly in the context of religion and identity
38:08 Has writing a novel changed your preference for novels versus short stories?
38:51 What’s next?

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