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October 2011 Reading Round-Up

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a university student beginning their next year of study in October should be in want of reading time. I have read little since starting back, and while that makes me sad it was inevitable and I know that studying hard is the most important thing right now. That said, the combined efforts of all my textbook reading would push this list to at least five books, so I can’t be too disheartened.

All books are works of fiction.

The Books

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Barbara Longley: Heart Of The Druid Laird – An immortal man born in the fifth century seeks out the reincarnated soul of his wife to lift the curse that made him eternal. Gets a bit soppy towards the end but for the most part is a very good read.

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Jane Austen: Emma – A woman who is a little obsessed with match-making causes a few problems before meeting her own match. Utterly fantastic, a rival to Pride And Prejudice in my Austen affections.

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Lian Hearn: Grass For His Pillow – Takeo joins the Tribe while Kaede tries to build authority, both with the goal of security authori of their domains. Pretty damn good second book in the historical fantasy series.

My favourite was Emma – although slow at times, which Grass For His Pillow was not – the sheer amount of comedy caused my then breakfast reading routine to be a riot.

Quotation Report

In Emma, Mr Knightley amply addresses the fact that one can be no less than extremely positive of another’s dancing while that person is in the room. And while anyone else might take a few moments to agree to dancing down the passage between rooms when a building has little space, when Mr Woodhouse is around it will take a while as he will go on about draughts that no one else can sense.

I hope that sometime soon I may have ample time to get back into the book blogging community as I miss being a part of it. I’m aiming for mid-November at the latest but will likely try to start up again this week. Until then I hope you are all doing well.


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