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Next Stop Procrastination #8

A photograph of a copy of Alice In Wonderland, the book, with a teapot in the foreground.

This photograph was taken by Brandon Warren.

It’s Christmas, let’s go all out. This is Next Stop Procrastination: the mega edition.

An Oxford student looks at how many requests to drop books from courses deal with works that are about oppressed groups that need to be read.

The Pool looks at the age-old question of how to find the time to read which was inspired by this longer piece on the same subject.

The Millions on prolific outputs and problems.

The meaning of literary pilgrimages.

On Denver’s Tattered Cover bookstore.

Ever wish you could live in another period? This couple wished it so much they’ve decided to live it as best they can.

Timing is everything: Slate looks at a British writer whose book could have hit the big time.

Meike Ziervogel, author of Kauthar discusses being both a writer and publisher.

Shaina looks at the recent McDonalds books for Happy Meals and asks if there is a wrong way to encourage reading.

An argument as to why the Amish lifestyle shouldn’t be used in inspirational fiction.

“My reading experience is not your reading experience.”

When author Clare Dunkle was doing research for her book, she came across a lot of information about Emily Brontë’s novel.

There are lots of tips on how to sell your book out there, but these from a bookseller are particularly good.

Including a new word to me: on the perils of authorial parochialism.

We’ve marginalia and summaries, and now we’ve literary annotations.

Those non-fiction stories that sound a little too like fiction? It’s a business, says The Millions.

Simply a good article on Alcott’s most famous novel.

Delilah explains why self-promotion as an author doesn’t work and then lists some self-promotion that does work. Yes, she has noted the irony.

Amazon have opened a physical book store. Book Riot visited it.

When popular fiction isn’t popular. Oh, and there’s no such thing as a fake reader.

Miranda writes about her search for a character she could relate to as a young tomboy.

Grounds may be better than instant, but using them means you’ve waste to consider. What should you do with the remnants of your coffee?

I gave it one round whilst working and just that made me sleepy: the breathing exercise that may put you to sleep in a minute.

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Tracy Terry

December 16, 2015, 12:42 pm

Interesting links. I’m especially keen to read the Oxford student’s research and the piece on literary pilgrimages. Thank you for sharing.

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