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May 2012 Reading Round-Up

The sudden appearance of the sun has somewhat halted proceedings, and even though it was my intention to get a lot of reading done on holiday, the weather meant that I wanted to be outside exploring and taking photographs. Nevertheless I can’t say I scrimped on pages read, as this month wasn’t full of novellas, unlike a few months past.

All books are works of fiction.

The Books

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Cat Clarke: Torn – What do you do when your old friend is dead, and you played a part in her accidental death? Clarke adeptly introduces us to Alice and drills both the character and her readers on why it can be difficult to do the right thing, but why it’s important. A very good book.

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Elizabeth Chadwick: The Greatest Knight – Following the first half of William Marshal’s career, from teenage “slug-a-bed” to middle-aged military diplomat. Takes a long while to get going but the promise for the sequel, The Scarlet Lion is huge.

Book cover

L M Montgomery: The Blue Castle – When Valancy learns she only has a year to live, she decides she is no longer going to live in the negative, prejudiced, home she has lived in all her life, and throws caution to the wind meeting all the people her family do not like. Comic, melodramatic, brilliance.

So not a bad month, especially in terms of enjoyment. My favourite would have to be The Blue Castle for its humour and randomness and also the way Montgomery brought the future into her ideas.

Quotation Report

In Torn, Alice finds love amongst dead lizards, compared with Valancy from The Blue Castle who finds it in a much more appropriate beautiful forest on a tiny island. That said, I doubt Alice would wish, as Valancy does, that she could borrow a pair of legs from a cat, so perhaps finding love amongst lizards ensures your mind is kept in reality.

An exam to go and then I’m free from studying until October. Whether I’ll read more books in the summer, however, remains to be seen.



June 2, 2012, 10:32 am

The Greatest Knight and The Blue Castle both this month – great choices! Good luck on your last exam. :) And if you do try Crusader Kings 2, let me know what you think! Very strategy oriented, quite different from Oblivion, which I started and then stopped playing fairly quickly.


June 4, 2012, 9:20 am

Meghan: Thanks! I did indeed look up Crusader Kings but it isn’t out here until September so will have to wait a bit. I’m a big fan of the Kessen games for their strategy so strategy is very fine with me!



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