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Latest Acquisitions (July 2015)

Events cause books. This should really be called the Better Get Cracking edition of Latest Acquisitions.

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Annie O’Neil: Doctor… To Duchess? – O’Neil was one of the authors I met at the conference and she sent me her newest to review. It’s one of my current reads and I’m loving the inner dialogue. E L James could learn a lot.

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Christina Courtenay: New England Rocks – Another of the authors I met and met again at an event I’ll be covering later this week. This is Courtenay’s first young adult book, the first in a series.

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Claire Watts: How Do You Say Gooseberry In French? – Watts I met last week; I like the title of this too much.

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Dinah Jefferies: The Separation – How does it go? This. Cover.

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Erwin Mortier: While The Gods Were Sleeping – From Pushkin Press, an interesting tale against a backdrop of war.

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Lucy King: Say It With Diamonds – I haven’t looked through this enough to get much of a picture, but it looks like good holiday reading.

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Rowan Coleman: The Memory Book – Ditto above; it’s not listed on GoodReads that I could find.

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Sarah Govett: The Territory – The author sold this to me; it sounds excellent, very up-to-date issues mixed with dystopia.

So, yes – lots to read. Understatement.

What have you borrowed/acquired/bought recently?



July 20, 2015, 12:57 pm

What a wonderful haul! That’ll take you through the month :)

I have bought so many books recently, Two David Sedaris, two Atwood and another Richard Yates. Birthdays are dangerous things.


July 20, 2015, 5:30 pm

Good luck getting through all these new books. I hope you enjoy them! I’m trying to not acquire anymore new books. I already have too many!



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