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Latest Acquisitions (July 2010)

So I made the mistake of walking into a bookshop. It was a mistake because in this bookshop, right in front of me, were a myriad of books I wanted to read: some I’d simply seen the cover of and been intrigued, many I’d seen on blogs and I wouldn’t have heard of them otherwise (the first time I’d seen so many new books I’d read about – and anyone who says book bloggers don’t get books sold is lying) and others that I’d been in awe over, due to blogs, but wasn’t really sure what they were about. It was a mistake because I bought quite a few. But I now know exactly where to go to get the books other blogs are talking about. I am done – I will not go to a bookshop again until I have depleted a good number of books from my list, and I will stick to this because I am vehemently against letting my pile hit another decade number. This is the task I have set myself:

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Danielle Trussoni: Angelology – Recommended by Dot and Swapna, I probably wouldn’t have noticed this if not for the reviews.

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Janice Y K Lee: The Piano Teacher – I saw the cover of this some time ago on a blog and loved both the title and the cover. I read a lot of East Asian historical fiction so this had been an immediate addition to my wish list.

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Katherine Webb: The Legacy – Amazon had this on one of those “if you liked this you’ll like…” lists and the cover just screams summer.

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Kenneth Cameron: The Bohemian Girl – Although I don’t read much crime fiction I walk past the genre section sometimes and this beautiful hardback caught my attention. I’ve actually bought the paperback because it was a lot cheaper but if I like the book I’ll probably buy the beautiful version.

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L J Smith: The Forbidden Game – This is three books in one and was very cheap. I’d never heard of it before but want to better expand my reading horizons. I don’t think I’ve done the YA paranormal genre justice by just reading Twilight.

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Lauren Kate: Fallen – I loved the cover and premise of this when I first read about it and it’s been featured on many many blogs, namely Kristi’s (The Story Siren – no longer online). It felt like Christmas when I saw it on the shelf and for half it’s regular price.

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Lisa See: Shanghai Girls – I’ve read Peony In Love and On Gold Mountain, I feel I should carry on.

You’ve probably gathered by now that the reason I bought so many at once was because they were all very cheap. I was tempted by Natasha Solomon’s Mr Rosenblum’s List (thanks to Simon), Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna (because of hearing about the awards) and David Nicholls’ One Day but they will have to wait.

At the time of writing this I have finished The Piano Teacher in double-quick time. Here’s hoping I can be just as fast with the rest.

Have you read/do you plan to read any of these books? And if you’ve read them, what did you think of them?



July 26, 2010, 11:59 am

I don’t know why, but I am not attracted to Angelology at all. I do hope you enjoy it!

The Piano Teacher, Fallen and Shanghai Girls look interesting!

Charlie: I read some negative reviews of Angelology after the positive ones but felt I should give it a go regardless, I’ve read a few angel books recently so it made sense. I’ve not got any good expectations of it, so hopefully it will be better than I’m thinking it will be.

I’ve now finished both The Piano Teacher and Fallen, but Shanghai Girls is quite long so I’m aiming to read it next month.

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