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Latest Acquisitions (August 2010)

I can at least say this month that I haven’t bought many books. I bought two, and was given four, one of which was an ebook. One of those bought was a coffee table book for my personal studies. So, in a way, I only really bought one book. And that wins Statement Of Convenience Of The Month. I will not be including the two Transworld books (The Wish and Second Hand Heart) that I’ve already reviewed in this post because that’ll be overkill as they are due to be listed in my August roundup.

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Claudia Gold: Queen, Empress, Concubine – A coffee table book featuring a broad selection of women rulers from around the world and throughout history. Bought for self-imposed study.

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David Nichols: One Day – I’ve been after this book ever since the hype. Being stranded in a hospital without a book and with a possible long night ahead of you does bad things to a person, like causing them to find a reason to buy a new book. Then Sod’s Law sets in and you’re sent home to wait out your sister’s labour in front of the TV.

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Julie Buxbaum: After You – My fourth Transworld book, more on that later.

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Molly Roe: Call Me Kate – For review and discussion in October, a YA historical novel.

I will probably not be reviewing the coffee table book because my emphasis at The Worm Hole is on lengthy stories, but so far I am very pleased with it. The writing is not great but it is certainly a good book for gaining basic information, enough information for you to decide which people you might like to study further.

I actually currently have three ebooks to read, though until Call Me Kate arrived the ebooks were in a kind of “if I have time maybe one day”. It made sense to accept the digital version of Call Me Kate by Molly Roe from the publisher, however, so yes, within a couple of months I will have read my first ebook. No doubt I will be spurred on to read the other two as well, Dan Holloway’s self-published Songs From The Other Side Of The Wall, and My Love Lies Bleeding by Alyxandra Harvey which I downloaded from the publisher’s website thanks to Dot’s announcement.

Will I be a convert? Not likely, but I will be a little more open to reading ebooks as a last resort.


Nicole Langan

August 30, 2010, 8:06 pm

Charlie – it’s an honor that ‘Call Me Kate’ will be your first official eBook read. How exciting! We look forward to having The Worm Hole as a part of the book’s blog tour in October.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

Charlie: Thanks Nicole, I’m looking forward to taking part!

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