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June Reading Round-Up

June’s been a rather good month for me, I only read one short book and managed seven overall which is a new record for me as although I read six in April there were a couple of Narnia tales in there. I went on holiday which afforded me extra time too. This month I finally found an Alex Bell in the bookshop, and sought out the others straight away. I’m hoping to do some promoting of her work soon so I’ll be posting my reviews at that time, probably with a give away.

All books listed are works of fiction and listed in my usual order.

The Books

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Alex Bell: Jasmyn – There was more to Jasmyn’s late husband than it seemed, even though she’d known him since the first day of school. A man comes looking for him, Jasmyn’s wedding photographs alter mystically, and Jasmyn’s seeing roaming horses, black roses, and bedrooms full of skulls. A fantastic read.

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Alex Bell: Lex Trent Versus The Gods – Lex is a horrible, selfish little thief when he stumbles into the church of Lady Luck. From now on he’ll be a horrible, selfish little thief as well as a contestant in the game of the Gods where losing generally equates to death. He’ll need a companion, and there’s his much-hated old employer, who’s chasing after him over his most recent crime, to deal with. Different to Bell’s other books but well worth the time.

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Alex Bell: The Ninth Circle – When Gabriel wakes up on the kitchen floor all he knows is that he’s been bleeding and there’s money on the table. Who is this man who befriends him and what is the deal with Gabriel’s shelves of books on Hell? Incredible.

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Julith Jedamus: The Book Of Loss – After a man is exiled following his seduction of the high princess his ex-lover wallows in her pity before finding someone else. Poetic. That’s about it.

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Lauren Oliver: Before I Fall – Sam died in a car crash but then wakes up the morning before it happened, forced to live that same day over and over, coming to love life and see others in a new light when it’s already too late. Rather like the film Ground Hog Day, this debut may repeat itself, but it’s for a great cause.

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Philip Pullman: The Tiger In The Well (Sally Lockhart Quartet) – Sally could lose everything if the man claiming to be her estranged husband gets his way, but it’s not just her he’s persecuting and it’s not just him who’s out to get her. Remarkably different to the first two in the series and much, much better.

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Stephenie Meyer: The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer introduces us to a character we didn’t need to read about all in the name of money.

I’ve been absolutely blown away by Alex Bell’s work. All three of her books are good, but The Ninth Circle and Jasmyn are sublime. Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall didn’t let me down, even if I had visions of a summer-time novel, and I’m glad to have read The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner even if it was rubbish.

Quotation Report

In accordance with the thoughts of Lex of Lex Trent Versus The Gods, one of the biggest reasons for being a king is to be able to annoy school children down the ages who will have to copy out your name in the list of kings when they’re learning about dynasties. While Lady Luck, of the same book, knew all too well that if she let a witch in the forest the kings would would go on the hunt straight away because kings love hunting just as much as they love taking royal mistresses. And if you want to be really romantic, do as Lex’s grandfather did and name a huge hulking beast, preferably a griffin, after the person you love.

Next month should be interesting, but will I read as many books as I did this time? In the words of 2 year old Harriet of The Tiger In The Well: “not bloody likely!”


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