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June 2011 Reading Round-Up

June, the beginning of my four months away from study. More free-time and less pressure. June, days of sun. Days outside with friends. June, Wimbledon for two weeks, still not finished.

I didn’t read much in June.

I got through a lot of Marie Antoinette, in fact I revelled in it for a good week or so and made it the only book I was reading, but then the politics overtook the domestic and it became so bogged down in facts and people changing alliances that I started to become lost. I’ve been reading it on and off since April and unfortunately it’s going to take me at least another week. Only a few days ago, the evening of the day I posted about my reading slump, I finally found a book that got me back in the game, even if the pace has since slowed, and The Bohemian Girl by Kenneth Cameron is nearing my “have read” pile.

All books are works of fiction.

The Books

Book cover

Freya North: Chances – Two lonely hearts find each other, both bringing to the table painful backgrounds. Less painful than their backgrounds but still not a particularly good read.

Book cover

J B: Zor – A man who is contented with his life meets a philosopher who illustrates that contented isn’t good enough. On the fence between fiction and non-fiction, would make a good introduction to philosophy.

And that’s it.

Quotation Report

None this time.

Although my July is going to have disruptions also, I’ve a few “big” books on my list for it and hope to have a good round-up come August.


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