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February 2012 Reading Round-Up

A difficult month twas February. Illness, birthdays, a lack of motivation, and sheer mental exhaustion held me back from picking up a book on many days. But I am happy that I’m one step closer to my Chadwick goal, and that I got through an amazing book that’s currently on everyone’s radar. And I’m currently halfway through a forgotten early 20th century novel that is proving rather intriguing – I look forward to covering it on the blog soon.

All books are fiction.

The Books

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Elizabeth Chadwick: The Marsh King’s Daughter – Nicholas and Miriel meet when Nicholas is running away from royalty and Miriel is attempting to run away from a controlling environment. When Miriel runs off with Nicholas’s stolen gold it puts a spanner in their friendship. A very good and rather different tale from Chadwick.

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Eowyn Ivey: The Snow Child – Mabel and Jack, a couple in a weakened relationship, create a girl out of snow and the next day it appears she’s come to life. A beautiful story of discovering each other and of learning to live and let live.

For once I can’t say there was a favourite, as while the ratings I gave both books were different there was not much in it and any issues I had with either where very minor. The Marsh King’s Daughter reminded me, as always, that reading Chadwick’s work is what I want to do until I finish them, and The Snow Child introduced me to debut author Ivey, who I look forward to reading in the future as her talent suggests that she has a lot to give.

Quotation Report

None this time.

I am so happy it is now March. The days have started getting longer again and the sun has already provided a few quite warm days. With this as it is I am looking forward to getting more done, including more reading.



March 2, 2012, 12:44 am

I have been working my way through Chadwick’s backlist very slowly, but whenever I do finish one I am pretty much ready to read the next one straight away!

Charlie: Yes, that’s how I feel, and it’s very difficult to not read them one after another. It’s good to mix things up a bit.

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