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February 2011 Reading Round-Up

February has been an interesting reading month. It was the month that saw me pushing boundaries and leaving my comfort zone, but then I can say that that is experience gained.

All books are works of fiction.

The Books

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Charlotte Brontë: Villette – Leaving her mundane life in England behind, Lucy Snowe departs to France for a life that is, for the most part, similarly mundane. A good book, but far too long.

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Ella Drake: Silver Bound – A woman bound as a sex slave is rescued by an ex-boyfriend before she can be ruined. The set-up intimated deprivation but it was actually far more about respect and included an interesting mix of genres.

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Kimberly Derting: Desires Of The Dead – Violet steps up her act by working with the FBI. It may not be as creepy as expected but it’s a worthy continuation of the series that begun with The Body Finder.

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Lian Hearn: Across The Nightingale Floor – A boy with special abilities takes down the man who massacred his village. A re-read of a long-term favourite that showed me how easily I looked over things as a child. When I can collect my thoughts coherently I will review it.

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Marghanita Laski: The Victorian Chaise-Longue – A woman recovering from Tuberculosis wakes up to find herself in the body of a very sick woman in the Victorian era. Takes thinking to almost philosophical levels and packs a great punch within 99 pages.

So I sort of nose-dived into erotic romance this month due to the free ebook Wednesday at Carina Press. I’ve a couple more books I may or may not read, flicking through them I’m not sure they appeal; but I did like Silver Bound and there will be a review. Drake’s usage of vastly different genres in one work tempted me to ask for a galley of her newest release, Jaq’s Harp, which is my current read and so far hints at a very good novella.

Ironically my venture in the work of Laski was also with the intention of trying something new, I expected The Victorian Chaise-Longue to be rather horrific. It wasn’t quite that, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Quotation Report

Unfortunately there isn’t one this time.

Please allow me the following little celebration: I finally finished it, I finally finished it, I finally finished Villette.

I’m now desperate to get back to historical fiction and the classics. Suffice to say next month’s roundup won’t be as diverse as this one.


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