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December 2011 Reading Round-Up

Time for some crazy reading.

The Books

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David Starkey: Henry – Virtuous Prince – Starkey looks at everyone besides Henry VIII in order to give you a picture of who Henry was. Works as badly as it sounds, especially when the goal was to talk of Henry, and is saved only because for what it is it is interesting.


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David Eddings: Guardians Of The West – Another adventure with the same crew as in The Belgariad. Good, but could have been better.

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Elizabeth Chadwick: The Wild Hunt – A couple forced together by the king try to make a go of it whilst trying to keep their lands. Fantastic.

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Elizabeth Chadwick: The Running Vixen – A man marries the love of his life after having seen her first marry another, and trouble is afoot as the third candidate will not let go. Related to The Wild Hunt but not as good.

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Madeleine Thien: Certainty – A book that doesn’t know what it wants to say and illustrates why people should stay with those they love instead of making other people’s lives a misery. Not worth reading unless you’re happy with flowery language being the only reason for a book’s existence.

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Taylor Stevens: The Informationist – A woman of great prestige in getting what governments want takes on detective work for a businessman whose daughter is missing. Very good.

My favourite this month was undoubtedly The Wild Hunt, which is in the running for a space on my best of the best list. Certainty took me about four months to read for reasons that I’ll discuss in my review, it’s one of those books I wish I’d never spent time on.

Quotation Report

None this time.

So I achieved my short-term goal of reading more in December, even if I’m several books behind last year’s count. Here’s to 2012!


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