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Wuthering Heights Readalong (Part One)

In diary form.

23rd November – Chapters 1-7

So far I am eight chapters in and, apart from the beginning, enjoying it. I’m getting the feeling that I’ll be wanting to make the classics even more important in my reading life, there is just something about Austen and the Brontës (the authors I’ve read already) that enthralls me, makes me feel as I do about my foremost passions – enriched and rather like an adoring lover. It may help that I am into history, but it’s everything else, too, about these books, that gets to me.

I have to say Mr Lockwood is awful and I was so glad when Nelly took over the narration. Lockwood is so rude and assuming and it’s funny to think that actually he’s not such a bad match for Heathcliff.

Oh Heathcliff, what an appalling person! You know I feel sorry that Hindley treats him so badly but then I can completely understand why Hindley does.

I’m hoping to see something redeeming in Heathcliff because I realise part of his behavior may be because he feels different due to his heritage, but aside from his love for Cathy I’m not going to hope for much, if anything.

24th November – Chapters 8-10

I am now nearing chapter eleven. I can tell that the story is about to get nasty, with Isabella Linton trying to stake a claim to Heathcliff, but Emily Brontë’s writing at least is remaining a treat. One thing I’m despising however, is how she writes Joseph’s dialogue. I don’t mind a sentence or two but having to read long paragraphs of words written in an accent takes a while as it has to be translated. I can’t work out where Joseph is supposed to hail from as the accent is inconsistent, I’ll be thinking he’s from Yorkshire one moment, and then he suddenly starts speaking in a totally different way.

I’ve decided that Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance” will be the theme to my reading as it’s rather fitting. Lady Gaga sings of wanting a man’s drama, his psycho, horror, and revenge. Apart from the possible leather fetish mentioned, I could easily attribute it to Cathy and Heathcliff, all the more so since reading that Gaga wrote it about a best friendship changing to love.

25th November – Chapters 11-20

Someone tried to hang the dog? How wretched are these people? I think Heathcliff is the most obviously awful character I have ever come across. I know that there are worse characters in thought and action, but Heathcliff displays it in such a way that makes it almost intolerable for the reader. Even Voldermort is better than him! If Emily ends the novel by saying that he was Satan incarnate I won’t be surprised.


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