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Borrowing A Title From Gayle Forman: Where She Went

You may have wondered where I’ve been recently, my posts being irregular and my comments on others’ blogs nonexistent.

Boyfriend and I spent last week in the sticks (in the middle of nowhere). It was great except that the owner of the place was staying in the room above ours. We could hear her moving when we were in our bedroom which was rather off-putting, it was like in a thriller or horror movie when there’s a sudden noise and the entire cast of characters whip their heads around at the same moment. In fact the only difference was that we didn’t have the accompanying shrill music, unless you consider Rihanna worthy.

Indeed the experience was interesting because we’d hoped that by going away from our parent’s houses we might feel less anxious about people overhearing, and I’m not meaning intimacy so much as simply having an innocent pillow-fight and worrying that our parents are thinking we’re involved in a peculiar sexual ritual.

The highlights of the holiday included:

  • Standing in front of the toilet together for 10 minutes, gazing down the bowl and flushing it repeatedly when it got blocked by nothingness. This actually ended up happening twice.
  • Having the heating on continuously owing to boiler problems and thus feeling we should wear sarongs and bring out the suncream in the middle of winter.
  • Cooking chicken for a curry only to find out it had gone bad.
  • Me spending an evening with a headache after forgetting to bring a hat in temperatures far below freezing.
  • Boyfriend being told he may have contracted flu and be confined to bed. Thankfully it turned out he hadn’t.

In comparison to this, the following sound mere lowlights:

  • A good layer of snow.
  • Deer.
  • Boyfriend making me laugh within seconds of it being our anniversary (over two years now!)
  • Getting to spend some real quality time together for the first time in over half a year and living in one place, and being able to go shopping together and cooking together.

Today is a sad one because it’s the first day of I don’t know how many months until we’ll be like that again. But I come home positive once more about studying (I’ve had a couple of weeks not doing it because so far I’ve worked too hard and bored myself to tears), website design plans, my cute nephew, and to read a few more books before the year is out.

December you are welcome, but please can you keep Christmas on hold because I haven’t done any shopping yet!

How is the season treating you?



December 5, 2010, 9:14 pm

Well, it sounds like your trip was memorable, at least! After the fact, I often feel trips like that make for great stories. Of course during, it’s no fun!

Happy (belated) anniversary!

I thought I was on track with holiday preparations, but then someone mentioned Christmas cards, and I realized I haven’t even thought about those. Ack!

Charlie: You’re right, and I was thinking that while we were there. My boyfriend was getting grumpy about it, understandably, but there was this idea in my mind that it would improve my post about the holiday!


I’ve been thinking about Christmas cards, not bought any yet, but this year I reckon that’ll be the easy bit. Usually it’s the cards that I forget.


December 6, 2010, 10:40 pm

“You may have wondered where I’ve been recently, my posts being irregular and my comments on others’ blogs nonexistent.”

Ha, I could have opened my latest post with this same sentence. The last few weeks have been crazy busy, and to make matters worse I got sick last week. Your holiday sounds lovely despite the proximity of the owner of the place. I’m sorry to hear you and your boyfriend won’t get to experience that kind of closeness for the next few months, though :( Happy belated anniversary to you guys!



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