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Because I Am A Blogger And A Student: On Preferred Stationary Supplies

This isn’t a paid post, I’m not being rewarded in any way for featuring the products here, and there is no communication between myself and the companies discussed. This is a post that was created on the spur of the moment as I was on my way back from the shop.

A photo of Pukka Pads and Uniball pens

The first time I found myself really needing a good notebook was when I was in the full throws of passion for personal blogging. I had had notebooks before, because I’d dabbled in lyrics and music, but because it had been necessary to just find any paper that could be used for moments of inspiration, I’d tended to buy cheap store brand jotters. You know the sort, the ones with badly recycled paper that you can’t use anything but pencils and Biros on because anything with liquid ink blots.

These are no good when you become serious about writing.

Looking for a book that would make me feel positive when attempting to write, I found a Pukka Pad, and bought a small A6 one because I wasn’t sure I’d get round to using it much (before then I’d never reached the back page of any diaries or notepads I’d owned). It’s that green one on the right, now pretty much exhausted and due to be flicked through for content I might not have posted yet and want to keep.

And I loved it. Although I soon grew bored of its smallness – it’s so difficult to write in a tiny book – I loved the quality of the paper and the colourful cover. When I realised that having only one notebook wasn’t a good idea, and came to see that having one for my bag as well as a second for home would mean less shouts to my family to ask if they’d seen it, I went back to buy a couple more. They had to have a good number of pages. They had to be Pukka Pads.

Now, although I hardly write my personal blog any more, indeed it’s currently down for redesign and is likely to be for a while, when I started to review for The Worm Hole I found that an A4 pad would be best. When I went to summer school I bought a couple more and most recently I shunned store brand refill pads, after having finished all three I had, and have bought Pukka once more.

I don’t know what I’ll do if Pukka ever goes into administration.

In regards to pens, as soon as I was allowed to use a cartridge pen at the age of 12, I never looked at Biros or pencils again. But cartridge pens can get scratchy and stop working properly if you write very fast, which I tend to do when my course gets boring and I want to finish it quickly, so I found a fantastic alternative. With Uniball my handwriting has never looked better.

Unfortunately Uniball Eye pens are both very expensive and rather difficult to find in stores.

A good second option is Pilot, and I am considering using the Tesco’s versions if the nib looks okay.

I love stationary, as long as it’s good quality and makes me feel like a professional when I use it. I have definitely become picky, but I think that’s alright.

Do you have a preference where stationary is concerned? Do any brands have a monopoly on your desk?


Stephanie @ Read in a Single Sitting

January 18, 2012, 11:02 pm

I’m not a fan of “inky” pens, so any sort of ballpoint works for me. And pads without spirals and where I can easily tear out the pages. Fat post-it notes work well, too, although I end up leaving them all over my desk!

Charlie: Hi Stephanie, yes, spirals can be havoc, it just looks messy when you pull them out. Post-its are very useful!

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