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Another Year Over, A New One Not Yet Begun

One thing I’m not keen on is posting a review of a first book of a series, and then my very next post being the second book. Whilst it may work for some people for me it feels as though I’ve stopped reading broadly, even if my readings were actually spaced apart. To sum up, I apologise for being incredibly boring this week and posting two Lian Hearn reviews one after the other. Normal service will now resume.

The exam period now over, whether or not I’ve done well or indeed fainted from anxiety being something I don’t know as I’m writing this prior to the event, I am going to set out a list of what I would like to have accomplished and finished by the time October comes around. I feel setting it out here and making it public will help me to actually make a go at completing things. So here goes.

  • Get a lot further on the computer games I started during this last academic year – why not start with something totally fun? I’ve a few games that I’ve really not played much, which for a gamer like myself is difficult to acknowledge. I would like to get a lot further on Oblivion, finish The Sims Medieval kingdom (yes, I’ve got that game, no it’s not very good and it’s the history that caught me), and make some progress with The Prince Of Persia.
  • Finish my novella – I started it last year and am currently at 24,000 words. I know where it’s headed, but still have to create a couple of scenes to come first. In addition I need to heed my mother who said that everything moved too quickly and I should add more detail. Family are not to be considered unbiased, I know, but in this situation I feel my mother’s suggestion to be a good one.
  • Visit more historical/culturally important places – My list of English Heritage and National Trust sites is incredibly long, and summer is the best time to take nice outdoor photographs.
  • Finish the changes to the blog – I’ve a very long list still to complete. If all goes well I may even have a new layout up here in the next few months.
  • Read, lots, while there is time.
  • Be a better blogger – be a more active member of the book blogging community and write better posts.
  • Listen to music – something else that’s suffered this year.

A nice balance of general and specific, simple and complex. Of course there are lots of other things likely to gain my attention, but in place of study I hope to regain… well myself really. I may love history very much, but any sort of university study is going to turn a hobby into a chore sooner or later.

Are you a student? What do you look forward to when summer comes along? Feel free to apply the past tense to both those questions.



June 15, 2012, 10:33 am

I’ve never played a computer game, ever. Eeeep!

Uni study does tend to take over your life, but it feels wonderful when the pain stops and you can just forget about everything you crammed into your brain. Well, that’s what I did, anyway. I always read the set texts for the next semester during the holidays, because I was a nerdy swot, but it paid off in the long run. :)

Lucky you being able to visit historical places. I’d love to be able to do that, especially to visit Newstead Abbey and Haworth.

Good luck with exam results, your writing, and your summer plans.


June 16, 2012, 9:24 am

Good luck with your goals they all sound pretty interesting.

When I was a student I found that my fiction reading really dropped but obviously I read non-fiction all the time! Once I graduated my fiction reading went up and I avoided non-fiction like the plague hehe. This year I’m trying to get a balance between them.


June 16, 2012, 2:36 pm

Violet: I’m one of those girls who groans whenever people say “girlfriends, now this game is out you won’t see your boyfriend for a few weeks” – often it’s my boyfriend who’s waiting. For me gaming is just as much about being able to step into another time period and live it and learn it further than you can by reading or watching a film, hence I love Sonic The Hedgehog but I’ll spend whole days in a medieval role-play setting.

I put my pen down and pinned all my papers together, sat back and felt completely lost! I’m actually considering taking a course that builds on one of the themes we learned simply because it feels wrong to just forget the information. I like to get ahead too, it really helps.

Hope you can visit Newstead and Haworth some time :) I’ve been to Haworth but years and years ago. Thank you!

Jessica: Thank you! Yeah, that’s the thing, you do end up reading a lot of non-fiction, it’s just that it’s not always the sort of books you want to count towards a list. I completely emphasis with your plan for balance, once you “get over” studying all the non-fiction, it becomes intriguing again.



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