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A Specific Sort Of Sponsorship

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I started this blog several months into my first very avid reading year, 2009. My boyfriend had university papers to write, and our time together often turned into companionable silence. I don’t mind quiet, but I needed something to do so I started reading again, ending the phase of two books a year I’d been in for a few years previously. I didn’t know about ARCs, I’d stopped posting book reviews to my failure of a personal blog, and I simply wanted a place to practise my writing.

I love how my blog has grown, and I like that I’ve been able to launch an editing service from the experience I’ve gained, but I never intended to monetise The Worm Hole itself. However at this present moment my boyfriend and I are in a situation where every penny counts and as I looked at my blog I realised there was a potential to monetise it in a way that wouldn’t be so intrusive as regular advertising or sponsored posts.

I’ve seen various blogs set up their own sponsorship rules, and I love it. Bloggers who set the price themselves, set an image size that will fit their blog, and only link to sites that are similar to their own or are sites they truly like. It’s a reader-first approach. I want to do the same here, in part because I know firsthand that it doesn’t change sites too much – they become part of the look and the set-up is more ‘if you like this…’ than outright selling.

So here is what I’m offering:

  1. Eight available slots payable on a month-by-month basis.
  2. Each slot is £3.50 per month and the payment will be conducted via Paypal.
  3. Each sponsor is allowed up to two slots for different sites/products.
  4. The offer is open to fellow bloggers – book or otherwise – as well as authors, publishers, and other members of the industry. Thus the advert can be for a blog, an author, a service, or a book.
  5. The size of the image should be 150×150 pixels. File format jpg/png.
  6. The images will replace the ‘genre list’ on the sidebar of this site – the ‘random review’ section will be placed underneath so that the images are higher up.
  7. The payment must be made before the start of the month that the image is due to be displayed.

It’s important to me that the advert and sponsor are a good fit for the blog, but given the above unless your proposed site/product is wildly off the mark I’m going to accept it.

If you’re interested, please email me at with details about the site/item you want to advertise and for how many months you’d like to be featured for. I am currently booking for 1st November onward assuming the payment for November can be sent by tomorrow night at 11:59pm Greenwich Mean Time.


vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

October 30, 2013, 12:21 pm

I suppose, ethically, you won’t be able to share with us the ‘wildly off the marks’ you are offered. Good luck!

Andrew Blackman

October 30, 2013, 1:01 pm

Good idea, Charlie! Hope it goes well. Like Vicki, I’d like to hear about the ‘wildly off the marks’ :-) But I hope you get some on the mark ones too.

Maria @ A bookworm’s life

October 31, 2013, 10:10 am

I think it’s a good idea Charlie! I might even buy a slot for my blog, once my budget allows it. Good luck!



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